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Travel with Bitcoin

"Travel with Bitcoin"

Pay for your trips or tour packages with Bitcoins or Cryptocurrencies quickly and safely with Sophia Tours. Company legally established in El Salvador. First country in the world to have Bitcoin as legal tender.


Pay, Travel and enjoy your tours anywhere in the world. Rest assured that you will always have personalized attention from a human being, who will guide you through this process, which is very easy but being new, it becomes confusing.




A bit of history to get up to speed quickly!




Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and it was the first to be launched back in 2010. After it, many have emerged and to date there are more than 6000 and new currencies continue to be added.


You may be wondering why so many? Because each of the coins has a specific objective or reason for being. For example, Bitcoin aims to be the currency used as a means of payment worldwide. We will not delve further into this topic since it is not the objective of this post but rather:



Which currency is best for me to use?



We prefer payments in Tether (USDT), LiteCoin (LTC) and Tron (TRX). We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other currencies are accepted, please contact us.



If you want to know our why? in this cryptocurrency preference. Keep reading:



How to pay and book your trip with us?




Simply fill in the reservation form and choose "Payment with Cryptocurrency". A sales agent will contact you to finalize your reservation and payment. That simple!




About our cryptocurrency preference:



Bitcoin (BTC).


If you already have Bitcoins, because you are encouraged to buy or exchange this currency or you are simply an investor, then in good time! You can travel with us by paying with Bitcoins. Not without first knowing some disadvantages of using this coin.


You must send + -5% extra, on the value of the payment not so much for us! But because of the intrinsic volatility of Bitcoin. Since from the moment you send the payment until the moment we receive it, the value may have changed. There is also a network usage fee that fluctuates depending on the time and network congestion. A Bitcoin transaction can take 15 to 40 minutes. If there is a bearish event, it may take a little longer.




Ethereum (ETH).



It is by far the second most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin premium. This cryptocurrency has its own transaction network. In order not to delve too deeply into the subject, we will say "in theory" that what happens to other cryptocurrencies does not affect Ethereum. In practice, the value of this currency and others are affected by what happens to Bitcoin. You should know that there are other currencies that use the Ethereum network. The transaction costs are a little lower than Bitcoin and its disadvantages are:


As a Bitcoin premium they are practically the same as those of Bitcoin.



On August 27, 2021, Ethereum suffered an unexpected fork due to outdated software. We recommend not using this cryptocurrency until this network normalizes.



LiteCoin (LTC).



The objective of this coin is that your transactions are cheap and fast.



We have been trading this currency for a long time without finding any disadvantages. To get this cryptocurrency you must exchange it in an exchange such as Binance, CoinBase among others.




Tron (TRX).


Tron has become relevant given the speed of transactions, which in some cases are almost instantaneous, the delay of Tron transactions is a few seconds. And the price of transactions are very very low.


Another advantage of Tron is the sending of USDT over the TRC-20 network (Tron network) which is fast and low price. We will describe what USDT Tether is shortly.


Currently we have not detected any problems with Tron. So far no disadvantage.




Tether (USDT).


In the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies you will notice that most of them fluctuate, gain or lose value.


How about a cryptocurrency that did not fluctuate? and its value is tied to one dollar (USD) because that is Tether whose unit will always be worth one dollar.


This is: 1 Tether (USDT) = 1 Dollar (USD).


The advantage of using this currency is that you will feel that it is more transparent, it does not lose value and you can predict shipping costs before dispatching your money.


A small disadvantage is the fact that USTD uses the Ethereum network that implies some costs to take into account when sending USDT.


But if you decide to send USDT through the Tron network (TRC-20) you will notice almost instantaneous transactions at the same time with very low costs. This is a great advantage.

Plaza Greenside Local 2, Bulevar Cuscatlán, Nuevo Cuscatlán, La Libertad (entre residencial Villa Verde y Garden Hills)
Plaza Greenside Local 2, Bulevar Cuscatlán, Nuevo Cuscatlán, La Libertad (entre residencial Villa Verde y Garden Hills)